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Seamless Suit

This top and skirt are showing two things; the simplicity of my seamless technique and the qualities of British wool. 

On one hand the piece is well-fitted, hugging the figure, on the other it beautifully falls out of balance. The textile is light and rough, warm and sheer. Still carrying the scent of wool.

With my self-developed hand loom I am aiming to create items that require less waste in production and are unique to the wearer’s shape and preferences, hopefully leading to a stronger bond between the individual and the object, making them less obsolete.

DSCF0270 copy.jpg
DSCF0272 copy.jpg
DSCF0336 Large.jpeg

Process and development of the cloth.

Woven in plain weave

100% British Wool (Romney Tweed)


First four photos taken by Johann F. Spindler

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