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A seamless dress woven in one piece.

Constructed like a garment that is usually sewn by machine; but darts, pleats and pockets have been translated into a weave. The whole pattern is woven flat and receives its shape through further hand work.

MAdlen BACK.jpg

The pattern of a dress, converted into a weave. A combination of two crafts; tailoring and weaving.

To convert the 2D weave into a 3D dress, further hand work is needed. By pulling parts of the warp threads out of the weave, specific space within the structure is eliminated. This results in diverse shapes that form the final object. 

To finish arm holes and neck, the warp threads are one by one woven back into the fabric.

Seamless Dress: 

Herringbone weave (60/10cm), 

Warp 100% silk, weft 50% wool 40% viscose 10% cashmere

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